Kulthiaa Jewel for over 20 years has been creating the saga of designer jewellery and thereby appreciation of art comes naturally and values the true artisans. As a brand we are offering variety of exciting career opportunities and hiring at different department. Whether you are a seasoned jewellery designer or enthusiastic person in retailing we would be delighted to hear from you. If your passion meets ours and you can deliver excellence in your respective field then drop in your CV @ info@kulthia.com

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Male/Female. Experience of 5+years, Should be dynamic, Should have strong communication skills, Should have a good expertise in jewellery, Can multitask when required.


Male/Female. Experience of 3+ years. Should have a good vision and creativity skills to produce new designs, Should have sound knowledge of computer program to design jewellery when required.


Male/Female. Experience 3+ years. Should be flexible with time, Should have good experience of using computer program like Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint 3D, and related program, Can deliver presentation swiftly, Has good command with creative apps, Is able to deliver creative on time.

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